The Wineries For Which We Have Provided Consulting Services Include:

Beaufort Winery / T-Base 3 / James Cameron
Purchase due diligence report
Liquidity Winery
Construction document review for building permit application
Okanagan Hills Developments / The Rise
Vineyard and winery site evaluation and design, winery planning and conceptual design, winemaking consultation
Michael Feist
Vineyard site selection, due diligence, vineyard site design and preparation, varietal selection
Okanagan Waterfront Development Group
Conceptual site design, site evaluation, winery conceptual design
Blue Grouse Winery
Purchase due diligence report
Pipe Dream Winery
Site evaluation, design, winery planning and design
Minglian Holdings
Purchase due diligence report
Misconduct Wine Company
Winemaking consultation
Artisan Sake Maker
Winemaking consultation, product development, operating procedures
Armeau Wine Brands
Winemaking consultation, product development, operating procedures
Garry Oaks Winery
Purchase due diligence
Cherry Point Winery
Consulting winemaking, product development, talent scouting and recruitment