“I have a beautiful property that I think is suited to growing grapes and I want to establish my own vineyard and winery…”

When you’re thinking about planting a vineyard and starting your own winery, it’s helpful to be aware of the economic basics of the wine industry in your area, the growing conditions and the viticultural potential of your land.

First Leaf can assist with site and vineyard planning, including implementation planning, and can prepare conceptual designs for the winery and tasting room. We aim to help you avoid the “twenty year headache.” Equipped with cost estimates for both vineyard and winery, we will work with you to develop a business model that will test your goals and ambitions against the realities of the resources available and your site.

How we can help:

  • Business modeling
  • Jurisdictional authorities review
  • Conceptual planning and cost estimate
  • Optimal vineyard layout, planning and cost estimate
  • Varietal selection
  • Product development
  • Site master planning, implementation phasing plan and cost estimate
  • Winery facilities conceptual planning and cost estimate